Hello, my name is Mélanie. I'm seventeen. I also happen to be a French girl living in Colombia. Well, it's be a while I haven't used WeHeartIt, since 2013. But I feel like this app changed a lot and seeing all the amazing articles people are doing it here, it makes me so much want to start doing mine. You guys are so inspiring here.

As I've just told you I'm french. And I would like to show you all my wonderful country. Because people only see Paris. And I swear to god, France is much more than that. France isn't only Paris. Sure I love Paris. This is honestly one of the prettiest city in the entire world for me. Everything about Paris... I just love that. So many amazing streets. But there isn't just that in France.


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Well, last year Nice was saddly known for the terrorist attack. My sister lived in Nice. I just love this city. I feel like this is a perfect city to chill. There's lot of thing to do. There's even the carnival nice attending every February. I swear, this is beautiful. If you go to Nice, there is also lot of beautiful spot very near by like 20minutes driving.

Spot such as :

Antibes - Juan-Les- Pins

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But after that, there is lot of wonderful cities. They all have the same chill vibe and they all have wonderful beach. You could go to Villefranche sur mer, Cannes and...
Monaco !

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bateau, paysage, and mer image marseille, sea, and beautiful image

Gorge du Verdon

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this is truthfully a wonderful lake. Les gorge du verdon is so relaxing.

Mont Blanc

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Falaises d'Etretat

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Dune du Pilat

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And there's so much else other wonderful cities in France. There is just so much to quote. But I really hope you liked this article and if you have any question about France or places to go for a trip just message me. I'll gladly respond to you. x