Feelings are our live. Without them we can't life. To feel sad,lonely and misunderstood it's not strange the most people most of the time are feel that but we most often disguise how we feel. When something bad is happened like to lose a closer person at an early age you think that's the end and you never again be happy and that you deserve to be and also is important least admit it somebody to love you and make you feel better and happy even if worrying about letting people to know you.
I'm talking for that because 4 years ago I felt that way I thought that I was different and I didn't want to talk much for that I lost the most expensive person for me and I always wanted to know why it happened to me and what I did to deserve it but now when I'm mature I know that I'm not the only one that happened to me and that it was supposed to just happen. The life make me more stronger and one thing I remember to never give up whatever happens. Until a few months ago I didn't expect something good to happened to me but it's happen I found a wonderful human which makes me laugh and just to be the happiest girl on earth. I'm sorry this is not like other articles but I just wont to share this with you. Think positive and you will be feeling more well.

Until next time!