Hey ♥ , In this article I'll be including some tips that helped me with my art and I hope it will help you too
P.S. : I'm by no meaning a proffesional artist and I'm still practicing and improving , and this is also my first article so bear with me :) , oh and I don't own the cover image .
Now to the tips :
☺Take your time : a portrait is never meant to be done in five minutes sometimes it takes hours and sometimes at takes days so you have to be patient , I know you may get bored or tired and therefore you can listen to music while drawing .
☺ study your tools : to make you drawing more proffesional you have to know what are you working with , for example the shades of pincels and what every shade is used for or the shapes of the brushes or what kind of paper you should use to this certain kind of art you're making like you can't use a regular printing paper to draw a watercolor portrait .
☺Watch some youtube videos : it's okay to take some help from someone , and luckily youtube is full of these kinds of videos so it can help you to improve your art skills .
☺ Don't be afraid of making mistakes : not everyone was born to be van gogh or leonardo da vinci , well even they made some mistakes but it neve stopped them from making art and look where they got now , so never let mistakes hold you because without them you'll never improve .
☺keep practicing : well to sum up all the tips above I can say that in order to improve you should keep practicing and never give up , it may take some time but when you look at your old drawings and what you can accomplish now trust me you'll feel happy .

well that's it , I hope this article help and if it did pease heart it .

Rose .