Hi guys, since this is my first article, I just want you to know a little bit about myself, so here's some random facts about my annoying self:

1. My name is Iara (it's pronounced like Kiara without the K);

2. I was born on March 2nd 1997 (I'm 20)

3. I'm Portuguese;

4. I'm currently in Sydney, Australia (hoping to stay);

5. I have 5 tattoos (all on my left arm);

6. I have my septum pierced;

7. I don't drink or smoke;

8. I love horror movies, specially paranormal and zombie ones;

9. I love Justin Bieber, but I also love Falling In Reverse and Black Veil Brides, meaning, my music taste is basically anything;

10. I met Shawn Mendes;

11. My dream job is to be a makeup artist;

12. I extremely HATE when people open things upside down, like a bag of chips, or even when someone eats their burger upside down, I cant deal with it;

13. Chicken is basically the only meat I eat, not for option, I just don't like the taste of other types of meat;

14. I'm OBSESSED with pesto pasta;

15. Shocking fact but I don't like pizza, coca cola, gelatine, pudding... (I basically only like chocolate);

16. I almost drowned when I was little since then I'm terrified of the ocean;

17. My favourite season is Fall, not too warm, not too cold, just cosy;

18. I trust people too much because I still believe in humanity;

19. I believe in ghosts and in aliens;

20. I LOVE everything that has to do with the universe;

21. I don't think the universe is infinite, I believe that it has an end, but its too big for us to know;

22. I used to believe in zodiac signs, but since mine it's always wrong, I don't believe in it anymore, I believe in education and personality;

23. I have no religious, yet, I have my first communion;

24. I'm a very curious and scientific person, I love searching random facts and the reason of things;

25. I think about a lot of things people don't usually think about, like, what if in another galaxy there's a colour that it doesn't exist in ours because we're missing an element that it doesn't exit in our galaxy, and by that, we are missing the beauty of a 'new' colour/colours we have never seen.