As the days get shorter and the temperatures get colder it’s not surprising that warmer clothing is finding its way into our closets.

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We indulge in wearing knitwear and other cozy and warming clothes at the moment. Still, we don’t need to cover ourselves exclusively in sweaters and scarves because this time of the year is for layering.

Layering is an easy way to still wear your favorite pieces and not freeze whenever going out of the house. Playing around with different materials, length and necklines will allow you to create new looks with beloved clothing, prepare you to look chic for any occasion and, above all, keep you warm without having to wear a big jumper all the time.

What follows is a quick guide on how to alternatively combine different pieces in order to achieve the perfect layered look and to prepare yourself for three different scenarios: a little bit cold, cold and veeery cold.

For the not so cold day

Long Sleeve and Top

For those last days of October or a night out there is a great way to still wear your favorite spaghetti tops, t shirts, or dresses. Simply wear a long sleeve shirt, a turtleneck or a fishnet or mesh top under it and your favorite summer look will be autumn-suitable.

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Socks in Heels

If you still want to wear your heels on a night out try combining them with socks. This look is all over the runways of the world and you can pull it off, too.

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For the cold days

By no later than mid November we’ll have reached cold temperatures in a lot of places. It’s not quite winter-jacket-weather but we still want to cover ourselves a bit more.


Long forgotten are the days when wearing a blazer was associated with business wear only. Chic checked or self-colored blazers are all over the place and available in every price range.
Make the business-casual look laid back by wearing your favorite hoodie underneath and you're good to go anywhere. This look is suitable for formal occasions as well as for more relaxed happenings. If you want to add an additional layer wear a shirt underneath that is slightly longer than the hoodie - and et voilà an impeccable layer look.

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Turtleneck-Biker Jacket or Blazer

Turtlenecks have always been a must for cold days. They just keep you warm in a very special way. May they have seemed a little old fashioned a few years ago, they are more than celebrating a comeback. If you’re a fan of minimalist chic you might have noticed already before but they are all over the web and premium to high street fashion now, meaning they are a must for this cold season.
We are especially fond of them because they are very suitable for a dreamy layer look. Simply throw over your blazer, biker or leather jacket and you will be warm, cozy, and elegant for sure.

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For the really cold days

There will come that time very soon where two layers of clothes are just not sufficient anymore. But don’t worry, we thought about some more currently trending layering inspirations to keep you chic and warm by all means.

Turtleneck under Pullover

So all our praise towards turtle necks in any imaginable form will continue here. If it’s even too cold to just wear a jacket over them, upgrade by adding an additional layer: another sweater. By playing with a different necklines, both items will show. Our choice is wearing a V Neck as a layer over your turtleneck - you will be as worm as one can be while super trendy at the same time. Or try wearing a blouse over it, you’ll be amazed how good that looks!

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Down Jackets

This winter down jackets in any forms and colors are happening. They’re not only very warm, they are also laid back and can be styled up and down at the same time.
Think sporty with a longer jumper showing out a blue, yellow, or red exemplar or go glamorous with a shiny or black one in combination with a dress and cardigan. You’ll not only be super fashionable but also keep warm at all times. Try playing around with different length of the garments in order to show the different layers you are wearing.

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We hope this little style guide was an inspiration and helpful for the following weeks. Don’t get us wrong, we love a cozy sweatshirt. These few little hacks are just alternatives for the times you feel like them. Try them out!

Written by @ankaseekings