They think they do
but they don't understand.
All of this
is just pretend.


They think just because they are older they can push you about, humiliate you, step on you. You may be at fault too but they shouldn't be treating you like that. A quiet, gentle reminder would have been enough. Your fault was that you were too lost all the time and their fault was not being clear in their instructions and blaming you for it. They don't even bother to hear you out, dismissing your reasons as lame excuses.

It isn't an excuse if a life is at stake. It isn't an excuse if a future is at stake. There are so many reasons why I'm struggling so much. They think that being a junior with only 'one' job to do, there should be no reason as to why the job could not be done.

Why don't you just quit? I hear you ask. I can't. I've already gone this far in this journey that should be ending in fifteen days. Then why did you join in the first place? Because I thought I was able to spend time with a second family, but the people I ended up with were not my family.

They don't know the crosses I have to bear, way heavier and way more than all of them. They think I'm lying. Wait till they see me living on the streets.

And then they will know how wrong they were.

And the regret will be too late.

V. A. H.

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