This is my first article and I'm really excited about it!

I'm in a really exciting/nerve wrecking/emotional stage of my life and I've been going through a lot of thinking and making some decisions (wich I'm terrible at!) ... But if something has helped me through it all is POSITIVE THINKING!

I know it's something that has been around for a while, all the 'positive mind', 'positive vibes', 'chill' and the list keeps going!

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I used to see those posts a lot and those words on Instagram, Twitter and over here but they used to be just nice words, now I think I understand what they mean.

Starting Over

Next year I'm going to move from my country and its so scary! But I'm also incredibly excited. I've been having some doubts and thoughts about how maybe things can go wrong but all this process has tought me what being POSITIVE can do.

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They look amazing on you ;)

Words are energy and have so much power, we should use that to our own mental peace and to help us see things the way we want them to be.

I hope that you enjoy some of this writing and remember how important words are, how much can they change for better or worse.

Just by being able to communicate something we are so powerful but sometimes we don't even notice it, being so used to just talk and speak.

Maybe we should start communicating more and using those powerful words before its too late.

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Thanks for reading - Hilber xx