hello !! today's article is going to be on what to do when your bored with nothing else to do, enjoy !!



camera and girl image
photo shoots are always fun no matter where you decide to do it at. Good places are a bare wall, your backyard, or even your bed. It all depends on lighting!! have fun with it!!


bullet journal and journal image
if you've never seen or heard of a bullet journal, pintrest is the place to go. if you're an artsy person and enjoy drawing and doodling this is the journal for you.
here's the website if you want to learn more: http://bulletjournal.com/


bedroom, home, and room image
i used to make DIY room decorations all the time because they're super cute and fun to make. if this interests you youtube search "DIY room decor"
a few things that can spice up your room:
- fairy lights
- succulents
- pictures
- tapestry


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books are a really great way to pass time, if they're good. if you don't have any books and you don't feel like going and getting one, online books are always just as good, but the Wattpad app also has amazing stories!


Image by Cris Figueiredo
my #1 thing to do when i'm bored is write. i love writing short stories in Word. writing articles on here is also a really good time-killer, especially if you're interested in what you're writing about.


music, vintage, and grunge image
- aux (lit, upbeat songs)
- feels (sad songs)
- chill (songs to listen to when you're driving late at night)
- throwbacks (songs you used to listen when you were younger and you're surprised you still know the words)

i hope this gave you a few ideas !! if all else fails, take a nap!! haha :)