It's actually 3 am right now and I don't know I just can't sleep so I made a 'night time thinking playlists' that I thought is pretty nice so here you go

1. AM - Arctic Monkeys
The whole album is amazing but my favourite songs are probably Knee Socks and Snap out of it

2. I love you. - The Neighberhood
Afraid and Sweather Weather are my personal favourites

3. Nothing but Thieves (Deluxe)
I love all of these songs there style is just so cool!

4. Blue Neighberhood - Troye Sivan
I love Troye sivan and I love this Album,my favourite Song at the moment from this one is Suburbia.

5. Every Twenty one pilots album ever
They will probably make you cry especially Self titled,but the lyrics are just so artistic and beutiful and it really makes you think about life and everything and I absolutly love it.

6. Badlands - Halsey
Great sounds I really like Ghost and Drive.

7. Hope - The Strumbellas
Okay so this is a band i just discovered and I am so glad I did because the're amazing. I really enjoyed Wars and Spirit from this one.

8. Listen - The kooks
One of my favourite Indie Bands :)
Bad Habit and Eletric are both amazing songs

9. Lust for Life - Lana del Rey
So this Album just came out 2017 and I just find it so calming especially at night and I don't know I just really like her voice.

10. Long way down - Tom Odell
Those songs just make me feel like I'm in some kind of sad music video, when I'm actually just sitting on my bed with my headphones on ^^
I really like Can't pretend and Hold me from this one.

Alright that's it, I hope you enjoyed and you have a nice day or night or whenever you're reading this :)