-“Thanks for dropping her safely. I’ll take care of her integrity as a human being from now on.” Veronica gave Harry a tight smile. My lips were parted, my mind was hazed by the little cloud of fantasy that had engulfed me ever since Harry kissed me.

I’m unable to form a coherent sentence, so Veronica decided she would say all the goodbyes. I stood behind her, watching Harry with hooded eyes. His eyes travel from Vera’s face, over her shoulder, finally finding mine. He offers me a sided smile and a small wink, I blush and smile coyly.
-“Goodnight, butterfly.” He calls out before turning around and walking down Veronica’s lawn and towards his car. My stomach flips and jumps at the new nickname, but before he can hop into his car, I push past Veronica and hold the door frame tightly, my heartbeat loud in my ears.

-“Night Harry!” I yell, my knuckles turning white due to the pressure applied to my hold on the wooden surface. I hear Veronica giggle beside me, but I don’t mind as I see Harry turn around swiftly, waving his hand at me.

My smile only enlarges as I see his car disappear, I bite my bottom lip, relishing on the memory of the feeling of his soft, full lips moving against mine.

-“He’s devilishly handsome, way too handsome.” Veronica suddenly speaks. I chuckle, nodding my head anyways. “Is it even legal to be that good looking? I mean, wow….He must look even better under proper lighting.” I close the door slowly, leaning against it. My body slides down carefully against the wood until I’m resting on the floor.

Veronica joins me, and I pull my legs to my chest, hiding my face in the space between my knees.

-“I know right?” I say with a way too girlish tone. Both Vera and I stare at each other before laughing obnoxiously. My body shakes with laughter and I don’t remember feeling this good in a long time.

-“You sound like a squirrel high on sugar. He’s got you tied around his pinky.” I sigh, smiling awkwardly.

How tight am I around his pinky?