If you ever wondered which bands could be favourite and most inspirational to one weird introverted girl, you are about to find out. In my opinion these artists together make the world a better place.
I will also write down my 3 favourite songs for each band and each song is a work of art for me...

1. Coldplay

alternative, band, and Chris Martin image butterflies, Chris Martin, and singing image
Such magical sound

1. ''Midnight''
2. ''Violet Hill''
3. ''Clocks''

2. Florence and the Machine

indie, florence and the machine, and florence + the machine image florence and the machine, florence, and florence welch image
Such artistic sound

1. ''Never Let Me Go''
2. "No Light, No Light''
3. ''What the Water Gave Me''

3. U2

u2, music, and rock image band, billie joe, and green day image
Such unforgettable sound

1. "With Or Without You''
2. ''Ordinary Love''
3. ''Every Breaking Wave''

4. Linkin Park

linkin park, rock, and music image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
Such unique sound


1. "Breaking the Habit''
2. ''Robot Boy"
3. ''Shadow of the Day''

5. OneRepublic

onerepublic image onerepublic and ryan tedder image
Such honest sound


1. "Marchin On''
2. ''Say (All I Need)''
3. ''I lived''

Well, that is all for now. Until next time...

- Mikaela