Have you ever looked at someone and hope they stay in your life forever?

Today is my birthday and i realize how many people close to me care about me. I know i sometimes don't appreciate them enough. Don't get me wrong i love them, i really do. I can spend all day with them and not getting bored.

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This is so true!!!!

But i realize that sometimes i forget about my friends around me. I should be hanging out with them when they are around. But sometimes i close myself.

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So today i made a decision. I will listen more, laugh more and spend more time with them, appreciate them more and be with them when they need me and support them cause i love them.

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The point of this is that we should appreciate real friends around us and living in the moment. You never know what will happen and when will they be gone so create memories now cause you will be sorry if you knew that you could and you didn't make memories with them. Don't forget that.

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I am really happy that my close friends saw me in my worst way and stayed.

Love, live, laugh!

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