Hello. If you are reading this it means you got interested by this article. I'm glad. It's my first article and I don't know what should I be writing about. I've read so many articles on this page that I got so interested by it that I've decided to start writing. You know how most of the people say that writing your thoughts can make you feel safe,calm. I think so too. I've tried writing my own journal way too many times but I would end up with the same routine very day. Than I would get bored by it because nothing was ever happening that was interesting enough for me to write it. So I've decided to make my articles kind of like pages of a journal. I'm gonna write about everything that's on my mind. My friends,family, current emotions or stage. I'm gonna write how I feel and what I feel in these articles because every time I'm sad, happy or have no inspiration at all I go on we <3 it and feel better,motivated. I think we heart it is a place where everybody can find their passion, their creativity because for the longest time I believed that you have to be born to be creative. Recently I've been thinking a lot not just about creativity, and I've realized that everyone is born with passion and creativity, they just have to find it in their lifetime. I wrote such a little part of me in this article and yet I feel so motivated,inspired and better so if you are reading this and you had a really bad day, I'm sorry it will get better, because at the end of the day just remember that it's a bad day, not a bad life..

Love you, and I hope you liked reading this <3