Having a nice room can really affect your mood. Let's be real you spend a lot of time there, try to make your atmosphere a nice one, where you can feel rejuvenated and happy, a nice little haven from the world.

Step one: Choose your style

There is many different vibes that a room can give off, find a style that speaks to you. Here is a couple inspirations:


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plants plants plants and more plants

Simple and Clean

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Simplicity is key. Black and white


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G, L, A, M, O, R, O, U, S.


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you're one funky bitch
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Decorate to that specific style

Once you've figured out the style that works for you buy things that match it. You don't need to necessarily buy new furniture, buy little knickknacks, tapestries, candles, artwork, records, plants, lamps,pillows, duvets, books etc. the trick is decorative items.

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Keep your room tidy!!

Having a clean room will really make you feel much more at home. Here are some tips on keeping your room clean:

  • Put away clothes right away, after you change or get them from the laundry, because when you don't that's when you get that huge pile that you don't wanna deal with. (we all have one)
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  • Get rid of old clothes you don't wear, sell them or donate them.
  • Make your bed, a made bed can make your whole room look put together.
  • Throw out garbage/ things you don't use. Empty out that junk drawer.
  • Sweep, dust at least once a month.


Change is good, switch up your room once in a while. Put some artwork up, some quotes, switch your furniture around. You can often get bored of your room. So experiment.