If you're stuck and can't think about what to watch, here are a list of my personal favorites!

-Fuller House (Family)
-Parks and Recreation (Comedy)
-Master of None (Comedy)
-Family Guy (Comedy)
-Brain Games
-Jane the Virgin
-13 Reasons Why (Drama)
-Chewing Gum (Comedy)
-Amy Schumer: The Leather Special (Comedy, Standup)
-Grey's Anatomy
-Switched at birth (Drama)
-The Secret Life of the American Teenager (Drama, and one of my personal favorites)
-Hasan Minhaj: Homecoming Kind (Standup, Comedy)

-Cult of Chucky (Horror)
-Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (Family)
-In your eyes (Romance, Drama and personally one of my favorites!)
-Good Burger (Family, Comedy)
-A Girl like her (Drama)
-Tallulah (Drama)
-To the bone (Drama)
-Cyberbully (Drama)
-Trust (Drama)
-Everything must go (Drama, Comedy)
-Abzurdah (In Spanish with English subtitles, but still really good)
-The boss's daughter (also in Spanish but still good)
-13 going on 30 (Drama)