October, chilly morning, rainy.
One of those early autumn mornings.
She was drinking coffee, feeling his presence, thinking of him.
But, he was not here.
The coffee reminded her of his eyes, the ones she got lost in the first time she saw them.
The view from the window reminded her of his character, people running on the pavements, cars rushing for somewhere. Just like him, always rushing for somewhere, not to be late.
The sweater smelled of him, she felt like she was almost melted in his hug again.
She was persistently looking towards the door, expecting that he would walk in saying " I'm here, I'm not going anywhere. ".
But, he was not here.
She was looking in the coffee, yearning for his glance.
But, he was not here.
She was looking for him in the crowd on the street, rapid walk, dark hair, loving glance, calming smile.
But, he... was not here.