A poem that I just wrote
You're happy then you're sad
You are lovely but then you get mad
You're are mean but for the most part you are kind you are all the shades of the rainbow but mostly you are grey and red like the wine......
you're extreme theres nothing in between you're like the weather going from 0-10 you're like a Monday morning~ sad and ugly and then Friday comes and suddenly everything feels happy again.....
you're like the seasons, change styles and moods for no reasons you're love and hate with you everything feels so damn great you're like the summer sun lightening me up whenever I feel down but your words slaps harder then the wind does on a winter time.....
You are really something strange with you everything is rage you're lovely and hazy but you're fucking crazy your
touch is soft and feminine but your attitude is harsh and masculine......
you're like a rose with thrones~ beautiful but cut really deep wounds
but for the most part.... I forgot to say you are you and I like you just that way