Hello ! I'm back . Today we will talk for distance. Well I will show you the bright and the dark side of distance. (look under the pics)

Cookies, dark, and dark side image
Well I haven't cookies but I have information. The dark side is that between you and yor bestie or your love there are distance. (Surprise ) You can't hug him/her , you can't kiss , you just can to talk or to whatch photos with people you want .
bride, colorfull, and look image
This is the important side. THE BRIGHT SIDE. Well you can see who is your real friend. Who want to be in him/her life. You can have the strongest friend/relationship . You can see who realy loves you. And trust me this is really important !

Tell me when you want to post Articles.Be who you are ! Love yorself ! And if you want to share anything with me just write me I will be happy to help or just to meet with everyone. kisses ! Till the next post :)