Every morning I wake up and say Thank You for the good things that happen in my life and for a few minutes while I am looking for my clothes and taking a shower I am still saying on my mind the list of things I am grateful for.

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Today I thought I could share with you a few things I say in the morning so you can start every morning with a positive thought too.

  • Today will be a beautiful day.
  • Thank you (God, Universe) for letting me live one more day.
  • Thank you for the good things that happen in my life.
  • Thank you for all the money that has been given to me during my life.
  • Thank you because I am healthy.
  • Thank you for my family and friends.
  • Thank you for my pet. (say the name or what it is)
  • Thank you for the sun that keep us warm.

and you can continue saying all the things you feel grateful for, ex: your boyfriend, the air we breath, the nature, the animals, electricity, you hair, your clothes... and remember to say Thank you.

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Also, if you are one of those people that the first thing they do in the morning is to check their phones, then you can read this list of positive thoughts when you wake up and start your day with positive vibes!

You can also write them down in your favorite notebook and read it in the morning and at the end of the day add good things that happened to you during the day!

I hope you enjoyed reading this article and your days to be amazing! - Alison G.