Alohaa! My name is Kelly and welcome to my article! This article is going to be about my WHI journey so far. I've been wanting to do this article for quite a while now and since i reached 10K very recently i decided that this is the perfect time.

I love reading these articles as they always inspire me to keep working hard on my account and hopefully my story will inspire you.

This is going to be a long article so grab a coffee, sit back and enjoy :)

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(Wow whats with the dramatic title kelly ? idk)
I started my account in 2016 which means i've only been on weheartit for a year and a few months which compared to many other hearters its incredibly short but i like to think that my experience on whi this past year has been really lucky ( now that i've said it,something bad is probably going to happen ). I found out about WHI online from my internet friends.
Heres a little back story:

I make video edits (if you don't know what video edit are they are like the vine (r.i.p )fan edits you see, basically they are literally 'video edits') but back then i made photo edits (vice versa, literally 'photo edits') for the Joe sugg fandom (Thatcherjoe youtube channel) and i still do but not as often because i have more school work to do now. How i got the backgrounds on the photos was through weheartit and loads of people were talking about how weheartit is perfect for finding edit pictures so i signed up and never posted much as i only used it for saving photos. That was in summer 2016. This is also why i have a 'textures' collection because i'm an editor 😂

Image by A E S T H E T I C S Image by A E S T H E T I C S Image by A E S T H E T I C S Image by A E S T H E T I C S Image by A E S T H E T I C S Image by A E S T H E T I C S
These are some of the edits i make for my 2 fan accounts on instagram


I explained this very briefly in my last article however heres a more detailed version.

On the 4th of November 2016 I posted an edit that i made which said ' #GOALS ' and the 'O' was the heartist badge. Last year in november was the hype of the heartist badge. Everyone would start working really hard and posting constantly for the badge and everything on whi almost orbited around the badge. I posted it thinking nothing of it until 2 hours later my notifications were blowing up with people following my account and re-hearting the post. I was so shocked and confused on what just happened until i found out that @weheartit re-hearted my post and i went from 3 followers to aprox. 500+. To this day i'm still really thankful for that day because it really gave me a boost.

goals image
Here is the post that 1/2 got me to where I am today ( ft. my old username )


A lot of my following comes from my travel collection that i started in aprox. November and it was the only collection that i posted to for a long time. I put my blood, sweat and tears into the collection and everyday it grew bigger and bigger with more followers,hearts and support. Once again i'm so thankful for everyone who has followed,hearted or browsed my page :) My following grew from 700 to 3,000+ with more numbers flooding in day by day.

Fun fact : My first ever post i posted was of a surfboard for my travel collection!

surf, beach, and water image
My first post on WeheartIt back in July 16th 2016


Like i mentioned earlier i made edits for my fan account and i had a lot of internet friends. At the time i was co-owning a fan account account and i introduced her to weheartit. Everything was smooth and normal until i saw that she basically reheated all my images from my 'matte white' collection into her own - and i mean every single photo. Being the peace maker i am i ignored it but she started doing it to all my collections which i didn't mind but it did annoy me a little ; you could just follow my collection? instead of copying and pasting every image? Now i'm no snake so all i'm going to say is that it didn't end well... we're fine now but we've lost contact. However, this gave me a heads up to up my collection game and i started working harder to collect more images for my collections and to be honest, it did me well.


I never had a proper theme until around August 2017 which is only 2 months ago. To be completely honest, i think it quite hard because i have so many collections of different things, if i only have 1 theme then that eliminates a big portion of my collections however i'm working on maintaining a feed whilst adding images to other collections that still match the theme. I started posting my own posts as well as hearting others' posts around summer 2017 and it really helped grow my account.

My username was @/Kelly_Sugg for the majority of my WHI journey until i changed it a few months ago to @BasicallyKelly as all my other social medias (apart from ig) is basicallykelly.

The history of my first username was quite basic. I love the youtube Joe Sugg and i've been watching his youtube videos since 2014 and i've practically adopted the last name and my friends would call me 'Kelly Sugg' and my first name is Kelly so - Kelly_Sugg.

The user i have right now is @BasicallyKelly . There isn't much history behind it but my youtube channel is called basicallykelly and i kind of say basically a lot.

Fun Fact 2.0 : The first ever user i followed that i didn't know irl was @HeyMyNameIsYasmin and she was a part of why i started posting. I still remember the day i found Yasmin's account and i felt so inspired to start hearing myself - so thank you Yasmin.

feature, weheartit, and reheart image tumblr, weheartit, and heartist image
I found these photos that i took of my account in November 12th 2016 and as you can see my fc (follow count) was at 386


WeheartIt for me was always an experience involving me,myself and I ( and occasionally some internet friends ) however September 1st 2017 was a game changer.

I wrote an article on my favourite hearters/users and i was super excited because it was my 2nd ever article. 2 hours later , i got a postcard from Sabine (@The_Night_Skies) and less than a few minutes Kim (@Music_infinity) and Alaa (@fiorette) also sent me a postcard. I basically FREAKED OUT because your girl didn't only get a message from her weheartit inspirations BUT THREE OUT OF 5 OF THEM CONTACTED HER.

They all invited me to join a chat with all the popular accounts and i honestly felt quite intimidated because i was basically a first grader walking into a class of seniors. Everyone had over 10K and i was here like : Hey.. hi um hey? However, everyone in the chat was really kind and welcoming.

A few weeks into the chat we started up the #WeHeartItTheRevolution project and despite all the drama that it led to ( which i'm still confused on but i'm on the sidelines so don't come for me ) It was a huge success!

We've also started a contest #TheaspiringWHI ( you should totally enter it, more info on the article below).


Being part of the #WHITheRevolution is an amazing opportunity i got to be involved in. The WHI team reached out to us and we're now - as a group - coming up with new ideas and helping whi to improve weheartit and make it even better than it already is. Also thank you to Fabio & Marie and everyone else who made the # become something way more than just an article.

Heres all the new amazing friends i've made and some people from the project :
(random order incase you were wondering)

Kim (@music_infinity),Sabine (@the_night_skies),India (@fiftyshadesofhearts),Ella (@michy9073),Michel (@night_wishes), Naemi (@mindofotherstars), Aya (@Dream_Landx), Alaa (@fiorette), Olivia (@solflori), Miu (@Hopeiessfountainkingdom), Megan (@TheBadBitchxo), Axelina (@axelinaaxelina), Lotte (@blxxming),Ana (@soundmind), Farida (@fkeworld), Sammy (@velvet_night), Devita (@devalentin), Trish (@_vellichor_), Nicole (@tangledtruth)

animation, blonde, and fashion image


Its still so crazy to me but i reached 10K on the 23rd October 2017 (at 11:31pm - i got the screenshots ;) ) and its honestly a dream come true. 10,000 to some people may be nothing but to me thats a huge number... and i'm so grateful for every follower i have, every heart i gained and every whi friend that i've made. I've managed to achieve 10K in a less year considering when i first started this account i wasn't active for 4 months.

That pretty much sums up my 1 year on weheartit. So far it has been a crazy journey. When i first started this page i would have never expected all of this to happen. If you told the 12/13 year old me a year ago when i made this account that all of this would happen i wouldn't have believed you ( i would have ran away and called the police that a random stranger is telling me my future ). I know i say this a lot but i'm so,so,so thankful and grateful for each and every one of you. You've made a small town girl living in a big, big world smile everyday. CLICHÉ,CRINGE I KNOW but honestly THANK YOU!

And if you've made it this far then thank you, go grab yourself a cookie because you deserve it after sitting here reading my long article :)

Kelly xx

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