Hi everyone! I know you guys most like do not care that I am repeating Year 11 again.... for the 3rd time..... Apparently, I am not mature and smart enough, according to my dad. And you know what, I completely disagree with this. Two years of Year 11 I passed and my classmates thought that I was really mature for my age.... I was like the only one who knew much about the Romans in Ancient History class.... gosh some of my classmates were giving me evil looks for knowing so much...

I was homeschooled since I was in year 9 and lasted on my first year 11 so yeah... I barely have any friends, not that I really mind. I actually really like being alone, but I also love it when I'm out... I'm pretty confident! Anyway, my dad decided that I should go back to school- in Australia- and repeat year 11, second time.... I thought that it was a good idea since I did not think that I was fully ready for year 12, which is much more demanding and the HSC and the ATAR and my freakin SOCIAL LIFE!!!

My second year of year 11 has now ended and I was suppose to begin Year 12 this October.... but yeah, my dad decided that I should repeat Year 11 again, for the THIRD TIME !!!! Yeah I just lost it.... I don't even know if I'll pass my year 11 this year.... I don't even know if I'll be motivated.... i have to move on and get out of my parents house, I feel so trapped.... it's like they really don't want me to leave them...THEY ARE SO PROTECTIVE!!!!

Ps. That is me on the cover!!! And I am fully aware of the grammar mistakes however I did not want to edit as these were the words that came out of my mouth.
Also this is my first article here in We heart it!!!