1. Greece

Greece, santorini, and summer image beautiful, Greece, and summer image blue, house, and white image adventure, holiday, and ocean image

2. Norway

Image by Rheinpromenade Alps, autumn, and fall image horse, mountains, and landscape image Image by Алина

3. Spain

night, tree, and sun image beautiful, love, and summer image Barcelona image Barcelona, palmtree, and sightseeing image

4. Sweden

bridge, stockholm, and sweden image Image removed beautiful, colors, and cozy image stars, blue, and northern lights image

5. Iceland

Alps, autumn, and faroe islands image cliff, iceland, and landscape image cotton, nature, and mountains image coast, iceland, and Houses image

6. Finland

beautiful, christmas, and nature image pink, sky, and nature image goals, home, and lifestyle image autumn and nature image

7. Denmark

denmark, street, and travel image snow and winter image snow, christmas, and copenhagen image buildings, city, and color image

8. Slovenia

boat, lake, and nature image slovenia image forest, green, and lake image beautiful, slovenia, and purple image

9. Switzerland

city, travel, and switzerland image nature, colors, and forest image snow, winter, and christmas image Image by Rheinpromenade

10. The USA

summer, beach, and palms image alaska, mother earth, and mountains image city, sky, and sunset image autumn, fall, and house image

11. The Netherlands

amsterdam, city, and lights image amsterdam, travel, and autumn image amazing, beautiful, and travel image amazing, europe, and travel image