Welcome to my article. Today I'm going to show you my october favorite tv show. Let's go, enjoy!♡

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fear the walking dead

Image removed
Image by G. Ferguson frank dillane and daniel sharman image Image by G. Ferguson alicia clark, alycia debnam carey, and fear the walking dead image

that '70s show

fez, jackie, and that 70s show image
girl image Image by Yoni that 70s show, life, and quotes image that 70s show, 90s, and grunge image

bojack horseman

Mature image
animation, series, and bojack horseman image netflix and bojack horseman image life, vaporwave, and bojack horseman image aesthetic, celebrity, and depressed image

freaks and geeks

boy, freaks and geeks, and man image
james franco, quotes, and freaks and geeks image freaks and geeks, grunge, and 90s image 90's, freaks and geeks, and james franco image freaks and geeks, bitch, and geek image


gif and skins image
Image removed skins, cook, and quotes image Image by Maryssa nicholas hoult, boy, and skins image

the 100

bellamy, gif, and clarke image
the 100, raven, and raven reyes image the 100, lincoln, and lexa image the 100, lincoln, and marie avgeropoulos image Image removed
This is the end of my article! Thank you for reading, and for 2.1k. See you soon♡