Poem #1
Food like poison
to my body
I reject it
like drugs
Leave it to rot
Lay it to waste
i don't want to Eat
Don't make me
I beg
You'll only make it worse
These words are lost on you I can tell
You don't listen
You think you know best
You may be older
But you can't feel the hunger like I can

Poem #2
Escape this prison
Release the beast within
Never knowing her next move
Calculate the options
She evades each one
Panic rising
I can't control her
I can't contain her
SHe controls me
She contains me
The secret is
She's me

Poem #3
True beauty
like a sunset
comes from within
True pretty
like the petals of a flower
comes on the outside
A beautiful girl knows
A pretty girl does
A girl who has both has the world in her hands

Thanks for reading this I know it's not perfect but then again what is.