1- I don't have to hold my boyfriend's testicles hostage in my purse to prove my strength.

2- I don't have to play the woman card all the time in order to gain unwarranted sympathy from others.

3 - I don't have to cry into a fit of hysteria every time a comedian makes a funny joke about women.

4 - I don't have to wear pussy hats or claim to be a nasty woman or participate in pathetic protests in order to make my voice heard.

5 - I don't have to pretend that I give a shit when women say I'm a disappointment when they learn I'm not a feminist.

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6 - I don't have to claim to be a victim of a patriarchal society or endlessly weep because America didn't vote for a crooked female president.

7 - I don't have to pretend that smearing the word slut across your chest, while walking the streets of Hollywood completely nude earns you any respect.

8 - I don't have to file a sexual harassment claim when the barista at Starbucks greets me with a 'hi sweetheart, what can I get for you'.

9 - I don't have to hurl a barrage of insults at a man when he pulls out my chair or opens my door or dare I say it, pays for dinner. Btw ladies the man I just described is what people in medieval times used to call 'a gentleman'.

10 - And finally, I don't and will never label myself a feminist because contrary to the message it has manipulated millions of women into believing, it does not advocate for the social, political and economic equality of the sexes.


That is why I'm not a feminist.

Thank you.