I'm so sick and tired of this toxic thing i call...Love
Just tell me if you're worth my tears, my shattered heart,
my stresses. Because right now, i don't know if you are
tell me why i want you to be mine
I really didn't know i was in love until i left someone who loved
me deeply for you. It was a really crappy thing to do but I really thought
It was worth it. Is it? Is this really worth it? do you think i deserve this?
You told me you want to know everything about me...
but how are you going to know when all you
do is act like you don't know me at all?
I just don't get it
I'm a stupid little girl who thinks everyone is worth it
I've been imagining us as a power couple... or just a couple,
Is that too impossible to imagine? just tell me right here,
right now if you love me? or even like me?