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Hair. Everyone has it. Everyone's is different. For the longest time, I fought with mine. I hated the feel, the look, the texture and the limited hairstyles I could do with it. It was a everyday battle and I felt like I was constantly losing.

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Until one day. I had an opportunity to wear it out for the first time. I have an afro, don't know if I mentioned that. I was scared, nervous and a little vulnerable.
But you know what, it was in that moment of insecurity when I felt the most powerful. Does that make sense? I felt liberated. I felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulder. I pushed my shoulders back, and stepped out.
I got compliments, encouragements, and from that I gained more confidence. And sometimes a little boost of confidence is all it takes.
Now why am I writing all this?

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Well, it's to say this. Sometimes the things that we are most insecure about, is what empowers us and those around us.
So find that one thing that gives you that confidence boost. it doesn't have to be your hair. It could anything. A favourite shirt, makeup, a new hairstyle. It also doesn't have to something on the outside. It could be an inward confidence, like a mantra, a song, a quote, etc.
Take that thing, put it one and take on the world.

Hope this encourages you. Have a great day!

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