First of all thanks for taking time to read this article :)
1. i want to study hard it's my last year now ^^
2.i want to be a youtuber : cuz i have so much fun making stuff and know that people will actually gonna take there time to watch my stupid posts xD
3. i want to make my girl happy :)
4. make everyone proud of me
5. i want to travel around the world
6. i want to see the stars with the one i love
7. be happy once in my life for real ..
8. have no regrets
9. i want to make be able to help people that are in need
.. cuz i feel what is like to feel like ur no-one .. it sucks to be left alone in situations like this and you can't even talk about it to anyone i feel ur pain ..
10. i want to be a pharmacist :D ik probably it's impossible but i can dream uk xD ..
11. i want to be famous :p and i'll work for it :pp
12. i want to sing ( my voice sucks btw ^.* )
13. Meet My Youtbe herooo :v ( pdp)
14. get married have a lil daughter
15. change the world by developing something or so many other ways
yea thats it i guess xD sorry for the long list tyy for readingg :*