These are the places that i would love to visit sometime in my life.
I hope you enjoy.

1. Bora Bora

summer, bora bora, and sea image house, sea, and summer image beach, bikini, and bora bora image summer, beach, and bora bora image

2. New York

city, travel, and new york image city, car, and new york image city, new york, and sea image girl, city, and beautiful image

3. Venice

photography, travel, and love image venice, italy, and travel image italy and venice image travel, venice, and italy image

4. Sydney

australia and Sydney image beach, ocean, and sea image bridge, photography, and australia image Sydney, australia, and sunset image

5. Hawaii

bikini, boat, and hawaii image beach, summer, and palm image girl, beach, and summer image girl, beach, and summer image

6. Santorini

travel, Greece, and summer image girl, Greece, and hair image travel, flowers, and Greece image summer, travel, and pool image

7. Thailand

nature, water, and summer image water, waterfall, and nature image elephant, animal, and summer image nature, water, and summer image

8. New Zealand

forest, grunge, and hipster image travel, nature, and mountains image background, fjord, and new zealand image nature, travel, and mountains image

9. Croatia

summer, travel, and city image ocean, relax, and sea image travel, water, and adventure image girl, nature, and summer image

10. Cuba

car, city, and sky image city, cuba, and travel image travel image aesthetic, buildings, and photography image