I want you all to myself, but I will never have you.

You are the sun, a start that shines so brightly and illuminates the darkness of the universe. You are the center of all the universe, planets, stars and even comets admire you like the most beautiful piece of art. You are ancient and wise star, but you irradiate the light and the energy from a young one. As the time passes, you get more and more beautiful each time, you get brighter and each day you make the universe a little less lonely.

On the other hand, I am blue, cold and sad planet who happens to orbit around your light, but that never feels your warmth. I am a planet that orbits slowly around you so I can admire your beauty and hopes that during it , you will look at me and admire me back. I'm a young planet, with the mind of an old soul, far away from you and yet I dream of being near you. I envy the stars that surround you, the planets that are so close to you, the moon who gets to kiss you each night goodbye. How much I wish I could be near you, how much I wish we didn't have such big differences, but most of all how much I wish that I could be your universe.

But in the end, because of all this reasons mentioned above, my darling, you will never be mine.