Hey guys, so here are a few places that I really want to visit or visit again before I die. Maybe you get some inspiration for your bucket and travel lists.

girl and new york image
New York, America

First of all there is New York. I was already there this year, but I for sure want to travel there again, because it is so amazing.

Angeles, buildings, and cali image
Los Angeles, America

Next there is Los Angeles. The thing is that I want to travel through every State in America and of course also through California.

city and sunset image
Boston, America

I also was already in Boston, but it was only for a day and I couldn't see much of it, so I definitely want to go there again, because what I saw was very beautiful.

city, lights, and building image canada, clouds, and lake image autumn, canada, and fall image fall and montreal image

I was in Canada twice already, but I was only in Nova Scotia and it's beautiful there, but I want to see other parts of it and some of the cities are: Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal and British Colombia

Next I'm coming to the places in Europe, which are actually easier to reach for me, because I live in Europe.

italy, rome, and roma image
Rome, Italy

I always wanted to go to Italy, not only Rome, but to travel through Italy and I hope that I'll do it one day.

paris, city, and travel image
Paris, France

One other place you can't miss is Paris, the city of love.

Barcelona, spain, and palmtree image city, light, and madrid image
Barcelona and Madrid, Spain
london, Big Ben, and england image brighton and england image beach, sea, and summer image scotland, edinburgh, and street image
United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is also on my travel list, I already crossed London and Brighton off it, but I still want to travel to Ireland and Scotland, because I want to see the beautiful landscapes myself.

bahamas, hawaii, and bora bora image

Just some typical beautiful Islands I really want to travel to.

mountains, japan, and nature image

Last but not least there is Japan. Japan is not a traditional point on ones travel list, but I have a lot of friends in Japan and I always see those stunning pictures of it and that's why I really want to travel there someday.

I hope I could maybe inspire some people for the choice of their next vacation spot or their future travel plans and if not, it's okay, those are my travel to dos and it's free for everybody to have their own dreams.