Okay guys, this is my second try at this. I am slowly learning my way around here so bear with me.

It's getting cold outside and the pumpkin spice coffee just makes it better. But if you are like me the weather can put you in a mood. It will plunge you into your feelings. Here are some songs I like to listen to when I get in mine:

1). Don't Tempt Me - MiC LOWRY
2). Still Believe In Crazy Love - Ryan Kinder
3). No One - Kalpee

Image by jongsnk

4). Cigarettes - Hotel Apache
5). Used To Have It All - Fais, Afrojack
6). U - H.E.R.

pink, neon, and purple image

7). Cry To Me - Marc Broussard
8). Beacon Hill - Damien Jurado
9). Out Loud - Gabbie Hanna
10). Waiting Game - Parson James

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Hope you enjoy the songs!
Depending on the outcome, I might do a few more of these.
Happy Listening!
- Jenny