Hi there, so I'm here again to give some tips for you about study (I know that sometimes can be really hard to study, but is required, cos' our lives depends of this!). So if you want to know how to do it, let's begin!

  • Inspire yourself:

One of the most important things that I did not know was "I need to get inspiration from somewhere!", so I just came to WHI and Tumblr and started to follow profiles whose focus was Study. Yes, the images can inspire you, so just try, okay?

study, school, and notes image coffee, college, and homework image
@studyblggr first photo// @Faileys second photo.
  • Stay motivated:

Read quotes that can stay you motivated, read about personalities who conquered many things in the middle of the difficult.

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credits to: @MiaDomc
  • Listen music:

Yeah, but not any style of music, to be exact, listen to classical and celtic music, this will focus your mind to study. On YouTube there are many videos of celtic and classical music, this will create a perfect climate.

hogwarts, castle, and harry potter image music, chopin, and coffee image
credits to: @nuagebroceliande 1// credits to: @vhisuallycoffee 2
  • Be organized:

Try to keep your room and the space that you will use always clean, because when you look for somewhere that are banged up, you automatically lost all the forces to study.

room, tumblr, and bedroom image
credits to: @Nicolejadeee
  • Post-It will be one of your best friends:

Well, the post-it is something that will make the things easy for you, you can write everything to remember later for your tests and they are really cute!! And use diferent colors for write.

study, school, and book image post-it, stationery, and sticky notes image Image removed post-it, studyblr, and stationery image
credits to: @cassandra_true 1// credits to: @studyween 2// credits to: private whi profile 3// credits to: @studyween 4
  • Drink something, eat something:

Once I read that chocolate (a little) is good for our brain then we are studyin, so why not? Drink coffee or tea is a good idea too!!

book, coffee, and chocolate image drink, pink, and tea image
credits to: @cyrus_lovato_gomez_swift 1// credits to: @KRISTALQUEEN 2
  • Take a break:

For some minutes, read a book, listen music, watch some TV programs (a.k.a Netflix).

Inspiring Image on We Heart It
credits to: @iamfortunate

So guys, that's all I hope you like it, and if you want more, follow my collection of articles made by me :)

danke for all!!

xoxo suzane...