You Will Be Mine

It finally reached sundown and the pure exhaustion kicked in. The day was long, hard and all I wanted to do was sleep. My close friend Luna threw her famous Halloween party, reaching the biggest crowd she has ever had, which meant me helping her. I walked up the steps to my empty house, full of joy to be done with it all. The neighborhood seemed extremely quiet, but that could be because of how loud the last place I was at was. While unlocking my door, I felt as if there was someone watching me. I ignored the thought and walked in. The warmth of the house surrounded me as I flipped my shoes off of my sore feet. As I was walking up to my living room, I heard the mail slot in my door slam shut. Retracing my steps to the door, I found a small letter sitting on the carpet. It read “Persephone Kennings”. I immediately felt terrified. No one, except my deceased parents, knew my real name. I opened the letter, curiosity taking my body for ransom. Delicate cursive writing with small detailed drawings of myself alongside it filled the page.

Your flesh is a soft pink tint that perfectly represents life,
Your plump plum lips make me quiver at the thought,
Your fingers I dream of touching my face,
Your body I want to be mine.

You are the definition of beautiful,
You are who I want,
My lust fills my eyes when I see your curves,
I tremble with anger when I see you with other guys.
You are my deepest desire.

You Will Be Mine,
I love you.

I called Luna, my only true friend. No answer. I called three more times, with no answer. Another wave of exhaustion took over me, and I decided to deal with the stalker in the morning. I shuffled to my room down the hall, every step creaking the floorboards. I slipped my costume off and jumped onto my bed. An odd sensation filled my body. The feeling of being watched was even stronger. I hid under my blanket, everyone’s first instinct sense youth. I eventually fell into a deep slumber.
I woke up to the sound of my window opening and closing. Still, under my covers, I peaked out to the darkness of my room, my small night light illuminating in the corner. I switched my gaze to face my door, which was slightly open. A sound of a pen dropped on my wooden floor. I quickly starred in the direction to the corner which it happened. There stood the figure of a man. I tried to reach for my phone on my bedside table as quickly as possible, but something was holding me back. The figure came into the light. I tried to get up and run, but I couldn't. I tried to open my mouth and scream but nothing came out. It felt like 500 pounds on my chest. Tears rolled down my face with the feeling of being helpless. I closed my eyes and the feeling of a hand caressed my head. My silent screams and frustrating attempts meant nothing. Fingers wrapped around my neck and my last breath escaped my mouth.

The last thing I heard was a dark and deep voice, uttering,

“Finally, you’re mine.”