Hi, guys! This is my first article, and I would like to start with something simple.
I always choose traveling over materialistic stuff like cellphones, ipods, sometimes even clothes. I wish I could travel all the time because I trully believe that traveling is ''the only thing you buy that makes you richer''.
So now, I am going to share with you my top 5 places I would like to visit.

1. Buenos Aires, Argentina
I am basically in love with this country. And don't ask me why - I don't have a good explanation.

argentina, buenos aires, and city image

2. Italy
Even though I live in Europe and I've been to Italy, I have seen only two places (Udine and Venice). Honestly, Italy has so much to offer, and I would like to see as much as possible. I am putting here my top 5: Rome, Modena, Genoa, Florence, Turin.

3. Barcelona, Spain
I have been to Barcelona once, but for me, going to Barcelona is always a good idea.

Barcelona, city, and spain image

4. Santiago de Chile, Chile
Two weeks ago I was talking with a guy from Chile and I asked him to tell me something about his coutry. He was so passionate about it, explaining me the how the things work there, showing me pictures.. He literally made me wanna go there.

chile, santiago, and santiago de chile image

5. San Jose, Costa Rica
Ok... I have never thought I'd say this, but here's a big thank to my college for this magnificent discovery. I had to do a presentation on Costa Rica. I had no clue about it, not even a capital city (I know, shame on me!). While I was researching about it, about its people, flora and fauna, cities... While I was sucking in everything I needed to present to other people I started loving this country. And now I wanna go there.

So, this was my top five destinations. The list is way longer. I hope you enjoyed reading this. See you next Wednesday in the new article.

Xoxo, M.