Hi princess or prince reading this! I had the idea to compil some wallpapers for every important Disney character that you can put as a wallpaper on your phone! It also create like aesthetics and I love it!
Enjoy and feel free to take some images as a wallpaper!

For those who make a wish into the well

forest, nature, and home image animal, quotes, and pink image quotes, brave, and words image apple and fall image

For those who have faith in their dreams

country living and farmhouse decor image kindness, quotes, and words image Image by Kayla Beny pumpkin, fall, and autumn image

For those who are not all there themselves

food, biscuits, and alice in wonderland image quotes, purple, and pink image matrix image rabbit, animal, and bunny image

For those who walk with strangers once upon a dream

flowers, rose, and pink image quotes, dreamer, and Dream image background, kpop, and lyric image forest, nature, and owl image

For mermaids (and mermen)

Inspiring Image on We Heart It quotes, summer, and sea image sea, ocean, and live image mermaid, scales, and wallpaper image

For those who want adventure in the great wide somewhere

rose, flowers, and red image quotes and words image wallpaper, christmas, and background image flowers, sun, and dandelion image

For those who want a whole new world

theme, desert, and brown image quotes, grace, and fire image quotes and power image india, architecture, and travel image

For those who paint with all the colours of the wind

forest, nature, and tree image quotes, earth, and nature image quote image nature, landscape, and mountains image

For those who went from zero to hero

sky, clouds, and pink image disney, hercules, and quote image love, quotes, and I Love You image aesthetic, statue, and white image

For those who'll bring honor to us all

Image by αทαťҽɾɾα warrior, demi lovato, and quotes image rebel, quotes, and die image flowers, nature, and pink image

For sons (and daughters) of a man

free, freedom, and home image quotes, love, and soul image quotes, words, and life image green, fog, and nature image

For those who are almost there

flowers, lake, and nature image Image by Kaley Image by Madi | Herondale forest, light, and magic image

For lost princesses (and princes)

flowers, purple, and nature image quotes, adventure, and inspiration image magic image light, night, and sky image

For those who'll chase the wind and touch the sky

Image by Princess quotes and life image quotes, strong, and words image mountains image

For those who let it go

ice, nature, and lake image Image removed Queen image snow, winter, and snowflake image

For descendants from voyagers

travel, hawaii, and Island image quotes, pink, and i can image quotes image beach, nature, and summer image

Radiating Love!