hi to those reading!:) if you've been reading my articles, you would probably know im trying to be healthy and losing weight. i have some questions and doubts and i hope there's someone nice enough to help me out and drop me a message to answer my queries?:) thank you in advance!!!

main point / question : what am i suppose to do to be toned, lean and small sized(?)

recently, i've been doing bodyweight workouts, lifting weights (4kg dumbbells) and also going for a run (3-4km). and i went from skinny fat to alil bulky?? i just feel like im going off track from my goals?? my thighs are thicker ( muscular) but i prefer it to be thinner and muscular instead??

photos below will be like how i would want to look like?? im not really aiming to be super lean and have abs but just the figure and you know..

Image by mayracolque
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