-- this is my first article so i'm sorry if it's awful but hopefully you'll find some songs in it that you like :)

-- anyway, here's a few of my faves from my playlist that i've put together:

Broken - Lund
White Blood - Oh Wonder
What Now - Rihanna
Jocelyn Flores - XXXTENTACION
Everybody Dies In Their Nightmares - XXXTENTACION
Sorry - Halsey
Medicine - Daughter
Drown - Front Porch Step
Happy - Marina and the Diamonds
13 Beaches - Lana Del Rey
The Day You Took The Good Away - Front Porch Step
Island of the Misfit Boy - Front Porch Step
Sad Girl - Lana Del Rey
I'll Be Good - Jaymes Young
Scarlet Letter - Jule Vera
Video Games - Lana Del Rey

I have quite a few more songs to add but i might do a part 2 if people like this one :)