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If you're reading this article, you're probably like me.
Pick one you would like (select all that apply)
-Long hair
-Shiny hair
-Smooth hair
-Pretty hair
-Healthy hair
-Less messy hair
-Overall neat and better hair

If you picked even one of these, you should keep reading and heart this if you find it helpful!


1. This might sound odd: Cut your hair more often. Get a little trim. Removing the dead ends will not only make your hair look neater, but it will help it grow faster, be healthier, and neater.

2. When you shower, shampoo your hair every other day or less. The shampoo does clean your hair, but it also strips it of natural proteins and moisture. Use it a little less, but still condition daily because conditioner is like vitamins for your hair. It's really good for it and makes it look healthier, shinier, and helps it grow.

3. Switch your shampoo. I find Garnier Fructis 3-Day sleek to work for me and keep my hair really shiny and smooth (WAY easier to brush in the morning when you're in a rush), but all hair types are different and you should see what works for you.

4. Get a comfortable brush. This won't necessarily make your hair longer or shinier, but it might make you spend more time brushing your hair and keeping it neat, or it might make you spend less time so you won't be late for school/work/events because of your hairbrush. I like the Wet Brush, it's really comfortable, easy and painless! But as I said, all hair types are different. Get what works for you!

5. Don't do too much heat, hairspray, or unnecessary products. It's ok for special occasions, but if you use these every day it may damage your hair.

I hope you found this helpful! If you did, be sure to give it a <3!