Today I'll start my blog, where I'm just posting, what songs I've listened to about the day. Many songs mean a lot to me/their meaning is very touching for me.
So... let's start
Hurt Everyting - Elvis Depressedly
Consensual Abduction - dandelion hands
A Bible in A Bath Of Bleach - Elvis Depressedly
There's No Use In Trying - Acid Ghost
Home Is Where The Snes Is - dandelion Hands

I Want To Hide My Face & Die. - Acid Ghost (full Album)
Possiblity - Lykke Li (!!)
Die - Acid Ghost (!!!)
Somebody Else - The 1975 (!)
Glory - Dermot Kennedy
An Evening I Will Not Forget - Dermot Kennedy (!)
I Can't Wait for You To Die - Elvis Depressedly
Needs no Progress i will lie - salvia palth
The Big Joyous Celebration - Teen Suicide

The Most of These Songs Were Played From A Playlist, I Created The Day Before on Spotify (THIS - Victoria.s)