Did you ever stopped and smell the flowers? 'Cause i did it once. In my world I was appreciating that glance of life that was is front of my eyes, but for everyone else's (who were there beside me), i was just slowing their walk. Do you ever feel like you are slowing someone else 'cause you have changed your way to see the world? I don't mean it in a bad way, oh lord, im not that type of person and bla bla. But everyone has a way to see things, and that's a fact. And being honest, i kinda of like it that way. Some ways are so different than mine that i start to wonder how big I can go? How far is enough? I know everyone is different and evrything, but do you ever appreciate someone by their point of view? Like how amazing their minds work daily and it is so different than yours/mine but we all want to reach the same goals (happiness, truly and everlasting love..). Everyone has a particularly way to work things out. Like I were completly devastated yesterday wondering if my life was really worth it you know? And then, a few movies later, i finally understand. So the tip of the day is don't be afraid. Don't freak out 'cause its seems like its not working, or is taking too long to work. Start taking small doses of the things you want to have the most. Don't start freaking out 'cause you empire isn't build yet. First count the bricks, put it all together to make sure nothing will hit you in the end. The path is long, create memories, remind yourself everyday why you are doing it.