Bullet journaling, journaling or even scrapbooking have been a huge sensation all over the internet recently. When I first started doing my journal, I was lost in the sea of information. So I decided to put out a list of all the essentials any newbies would need to make their journal looks Instagram worthy.

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1. Washi tape


- Can be used to cover up blank white space, as a book mark or an alternative for stickers.
- It's hard to use up one tape because most of them are 5 meters to 10 meters long.
- Cheap and easy to find at any craft store or bookstore.


- If you buy them at the wrong place, they're REALLY pricey.

Where to buy them: Aliexpress and Alibaba (cheap), local craft store, bookstore.

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2. Stickers


- Can be used to cover up blank white space.
- Cheap and easy to find.


- Fast to use up and sometimes very expensive.

Where to buy them: Aliexpress and Alibaba (for a very cheap price ), or just anywhere at all.

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3. Pens

There are a lot of kind of pens, what you should use depends on what you want your journal to look like. If you want a minimal look, a black brush pen and a ballpoint pen are enough for you. But still, I will put down a list of the most famous journaling pens ever:

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Liner (Sakura, Steadler, Faber Castell, Artline, Stabilo..)
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Brush pen (Tom Bow, Ecoline, Sakura, Artline,..)
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Variousity choices of color (Steadler, Stabilo, Muji, Crayola Supertips..)
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Ball point pens or Gel pens ( Muji, Papermate,...)
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Highlighter (Pastel: Stabilo Pastel, Zebra Mildliner, Pilot Frixion - this one is erasable,..)

Because most of the pens I listed above are very pricey for students so you can either find a cheaper dupe of them or just go with the kind of pen you're currently using. Whatever fits you the most.

4. Notebook

Similar to pens, choosing your notebook depends on what you're using them for.

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Art Journal: Un-lined Journal, size A4 or A5, must have Watercolor paper.
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Journal (diary): Preferably Grid or lined.
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Travel Journal: Compact, Handy.
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Bullet Journal or Planner: small to fit your pocket or bag, Preferably be watercolor paper.

Thank you for reading my article, I hope you have a great time journaling.

Author: Tran Hue Minh

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