Here are a bunch of hairstyles I absolutely love and I hope you find some inspiration.

blonde, fashion, and hair image girl, hair, and blue image
girl, hair, and makeup image colors, fun, and wavey image
hair, blonde, and hairstyle image hair, fashion, and girl image
Half up half down pony
girl, hair, and blonde image hair, hairstyle, and grunge image
Half Up Half Down Bun
hair, girl, and hairstyle image hair, blue, and hairstyle image
hair, girl, and blonde image blonde, hair, and pretty image
hair, braid, and hairstyle image hair, braid, and grey image amazing, beautiful, and photography image hair, hairstyle, and beauty image hair, girl, and braid image hair, braid, and hairstyle image hair, hairstyle, and braid image hair, flowers, and hairstyle image beautiful, girl, and cute image hair, hairstyle, and braid image Inspiring Image on We Heart It hair, braid, and hairstyle image
fashion, outfit, and style image fashion, hair, and jeans image
Long Hair
stone, 2015, and hair image hair, hairstyle, and glasses image hair and hairstyle image braid image
Short Hair
hair, braid, and purple image hair, style, and hairstyle image
hair, purple, and hairstyle image hair, tumblr, and green image Image by Anna Priscila hair and haïr image
Coloured Hair

Thanks for reading. I hope you found some inspiration :)