Hey so this got requested by someone... the same person who actually made me remember to put links on all my music playlists. i'm actually listening to the chill one right now before bed and you should check those out cause they aren't doing so hot... okay so this article is going to be about any future plans i have and some of my ideas. if you're interested then go ahead and read it if not heart it anyway:) also it is going to be long, even though there is only two, so prepare for reading...

1. my number one goal right now is to graduate high school, and get a nice scholarship to a dream college. this is my goal because i know for some people high school is really hard. and, also i have brothers who didn't go to college, my dad didn't either. but, my mom and sister did. so i want to show woman's strength and how we push through to get to the top.

2. my dream jobs are becoming a surgeon, an actress, or a dance teacher. if all else fails which i'm hoping doesn't happen i guess ill just be a photographer. lol. but, i want to become a surgeon because if i do anything important with my life i want to be able to help someone.
i would like to be an actress because i've always liked attention since i was little and i would always ask my mom to sign me up for those Disney auditions. i'm in the theater class at my school, and we did a first run of our fall show today and i wasn't stressed. i was very relaxed and it felt honestly really natural. and if i'm able to have a job that feels natural and it is something i like it's basically my dream.
lastly i would like to be a dance teacher because my mom is the one who put me in dance classes and she means a lot to me. she is why i am still dancing. so i really want her to be able to be proud of me. i don't think that needs any further explanation.
becoming a photographer is just my back up plan because i wanted to own a camera since i was about 7. so that is that.

thank you for reading my g's,