Hey guys! So I decided to write an article about songs I recommend you listen to. This playlist ranges from pop to rock and are just songs that I love and have helped me through tough times. Enjoy :)

Crawling by Linkin Park

bennington, closer, and crawling image crawling, linkin park, and insecure image
The chorus honestly just makes me want to scream out all my pain and frustration. The entire Hybrid Theory album just means so much me. Other great LP songs are Faint and Numb.

when i get too sad- Reddish Blu

nobody, understand, and quotes image Inspiring Image on We Heart It tired, grunge, and sad image b&w, quote, and wattpad image
The title pretty much says it all; I like hearing this song when I'm felling low and i just overall love the beat.

Daddy Issues- The Neighbourhood

the neighbourhood, wiped out, and album image music, daddy issues, and the neighbourhood image Lyrics, daddy issues, and the neighbourhood image Lyrics and quotes image
The title says it all 🌹

Bellyache- Billie Eilish

aesthetic, beautiful, and billie image album, billie, and green image

The Killing Moon- Nouvelle Vague

blood, kill, and moon image thoughts, quotes, and sad image
another song I listen to when I'm sad.

Pretty Girl- Hayley Kiyoko

pretty, street, and hayley kiyoko image bi, citrine, and pretty image
love how chill this song is

Guys My Age- Hey Violet

music, song, and age image flowers, love, and fashion image band, night, and pink image Lyrics, guys my age, and hey violet image

Brand New Moves- Hey Violet

hey violet, miranda miller, and nia lovelis image brand, violet, and citazione image hey violet, brand new moves, and from the outside image hey violet, brand new moves, and from the outside image

Pure-Hey Violet

feels, song, and love image bands, fandom, and Lyrics image

Can You Feel My Heart- Bring Me The Horizon

demon, quotes, and bring me the horizon image Image by Caroline Dunn bring me the horizon, bmth, and oliver sykes image can you feel my heart, bmth, and bring me the horizon image
The chorus basically summarizes how I feel.

Kill Yourself (Part lll)- $UICIDEBOY$

music and purple image aesthetic, alternative, and fog image
please don't let the title affect you 🙏🏼

Antarctica- $UICIDEBOY$

$$$, ftp, and scrim image background, ftp, and g59 image

Gravel- Bones (ft. FiftyGrand)

Image by Dew Hecate aesthetic, bones, and more image

Clockwork- Palaye Royale

clocks, cool ideas, and awesome gadgets image palaye royale image aesthetic, black&white, and idol image aesthetic, vintage, and clock image
super chill to listen at night, also a great song to fall asleep to

Death Dance- Palaye Royale

palaye royale image love, death, and skull image dance, skeleton, and dark image art, quotes, and aesthetic image
this song is such a 🅱️op but it's the lyrics that get you

Psychotic Kids- YUNGBLUD

alternative, boy, and singer image aesthetic, alternative, and crazy image

Anarchist- YUNGBLUD

music, dominic harrison, and alternative image alternative, boy, and singer image

Swim- Chase Atlantic

bands, famous, and punk image chase atlantic and music image

Okay- Chase Atlantic

Atlantic, bed, and chase image mitchel and chase atlantic image

Well, this is all I have right now but I'll be adding more in the future when I have more favorites 😇

Hope You Enjoyed!