My past week was like a conga line of horrible events. I need to do something to recover, but I find most "self care" lists a bit ridiculous. "Rekindling an old friendship" sounds exhausting, and will probably make things worse.

Here are 7 things to do after a bad week that don't require a lot of energy, but will still make you feel better.

1) Do a face mask.
Terrible week, terrible acne. I like the coffee one from Lush.

green, lush, and aesthetic image

2) Drink some green tea.
Green tea fixes everything. Give up on your diet? Green tea. Forget to study for midterm? Green tea. Kill someone? Green tea.

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3) Spend time with your pet.
Tell her about your issues. See how she's sleeping. She thinks your worries are insignificant. Take notes from your pet.

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4) Take a warm shower
Combine this with a face mask and green tea. You are now an ethereal being of relaxation and cleanliness.

Image by Rafaella Trevisan

5) Do some online shopping.
Look for something you like. Don't buy it on impulse, though. If it happens to be out of your price range, put the item aside for later. Ask for it as a present, or start saving money. You may be broke now, but it gives you something to look forward to in the future.

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6) Log out of social media.
Seeing someone you follow on a vacation in Hawaii doesn't help you feel better about your situation. If a "source close to the Kardashians" announces another sister's pregnancy while you're gone, you'll just come back to more receipts and reactions than anyone else had going in. Arriving late has its advantages.

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7) Watch a movie.
Watch a low budget B movie. Preferably something from the 90s or earlier. (I recommend anything starring Jayne Mansfield.) Be your own version of Mystery Science Theater.
If a movie isn't your thing, play a ridiculous dress up game or Google pics of celebrities without eyebrows.
You deserve a laugh.

gif, jayne mansfield, and old hollywood image

Thanks for reading. Hope you found these useful and that your next week is much better. ❤️