As I run through the woods, I feel the chilling breeze against my pale skin as if I'm holding a fan in front of my face. Although my body is pumped with adrenaline it is also burning with fear. Fear that I may never see my family again, fear that this is going to be my last breath in this beautiful world I call home and fear that I didn't fight hard enough for everything important to me.

As I hear a gunshot I urge myself to run faster, but my feet can't beat the bullet that shoots right through my heart and into the tree in front of me. Falling to the ground, screaming in agony I see my mother walking towards a young girl who is crying, whispering soothing words, saying everything will be alright, I see my father carrying my younger brother in his arms whispering to the little girl about how brave she is and how proud he is of her.

My mothers long dark hair that reaches below her waist, my fathers chocolate brown orbs and my younger brothers shy grin that always warms my heart is all that is etched into my brain leaving an imprint on my life before I hear a dark chuckle, I open my eyes and come face to face with the evil smirk of my killer.

Suddenly I'm being thrown into a black abyss where people who lose go to, where I will never get my second chance.