I'm closing my eyes,
My height is just above your little-angled chin,
I like to kiss you on that little angle that I feel the smell of your black leather jacket,
Your black leather jacket.
You like to wear blacks.
And you like my black lipsticks too.
I like you to hold me tight when we hold hands,
Because if you let them a little go, I will fly off, I know,
You tell me, like a bird you are graceful,
And I laugh that off, like a bird, funny,
You like that little gesture I make when I laugh,
Because of that, your fingers always on my lips,
You are telling me not to wear that black as hell lipstick,
My height is just about your perfect, smooth neck,
I pulling you towards me, kissing on your smooth neck,
That leaves a mark from my black lipstick,
We are laughing,
We always laugh together anyways,
We both like to laugh freely when we are walking through isolated place of the beach,
When you laugh, you are holding to the somewhat upper parts of your angled chin,
That cute habit of yours impresses me everytime,
I am taking your hand down from your chin,
Now we are holding hands,
We are walking together,
You are saying, let's not go to that isolated parts of the beach,
I am laughing,
Isolated places remind you that how lonely you feel,
I am holding your cheek as much as I can reach,
That movement of mine reminds you I am here with you,
You always tell me it makes you happy,
You are smiling hesitantly,
Your veins strain in your smooth neck,
I am opening my eyes,
It was a dream,
A dream it was to choose between you two,
So I walked away,
But I could never forget neither your little-angled chin nor your perfectly smooth neck.