Written for the one I have lost. If you read this poem you can find my soul in these lines. Read carefully dear heartist, maybe you will find little pieces of yourself too. I know everybody hurts, one way or another...

Until we meet again

Forgive me for being like this
I have to write down my thoughts
Show you how much it hurts,
And what my broken heart feels.

Since you left, my days become grey
My comfort was forever stolen away
And I beg you to come back and stay
As my thoughts slowly go astray.

Tears fall down and I lose my breath
Because I still can't accept your death.
I keep following the wrong path
Which will eventually kill all my faith.

Is this how you felt when you were here?
Were you tortured by the pain and fear?
My hero, I am sorry that I wasn't near
And for all your words I couldn't hear.

Well I understand now when it's too late
When all I can do now is cry and write
Oh, I become so numb, so incomplete.
I will be in pain until we finally meet.

Until we finally meet again...

Your broken girl.

- Mikaela

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