Happy Tuesday people! Today I want to talk about having a bad day, and how to get through it.

We all have those bad days when we want is to get some ice cream and go back to bed, maybe even cry. I would love to help you with it, so I want to give you my best advice about how to survive a bad day.

# 1 Find your cheerful song
We all have that song that gets us in the best mood no matter what or that fits with the description of our life. If you are feeling sad, you can listen to that song, no matter what. For example, if your having a bad day because stupid people made you feel bad, find a song that talks about not caring what people say and listen it. I promise it will make you feel better. If you don´t find any I can make a whole article about that.

# 2 Break a piece of paper
When we have a bad day, we tend to be angry or sad and wanting to break something. I would recommend to take a sheet of paper out of your notebook and, with no mercy, smash it and break it. The sound that it makes will make you feel better.

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# 3 Get food
Food is always the answer. Since you don´t know when that bad day will appear, I recommend you to always have in your backpack a bag or a piece of your favorite candy. The sugar will make you feel a little less upset and more calm. Of course, change the bag of the candy at least once a month.

# 4 Laugh
Find a friend that always laughs about everything or whose laugh makes you laugh. If you´re having a bad day, go and spend some time with this friend. He/she will make you laugh and forget about your problems at least for some minutes.

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# 5 Have your phrase
Find a motivational phrase that you love, no matter what´s about. Write it on a notebook or on your cellphone. When you´re having a bad day, take a moment to close your eyes and breathe twice. Then, open your eyes and read the phrase. Feel it, feel the words, believe it. You will be more calm.

You can find some phrases at my Free Motivation Collection!

# 6 Remember your dreams
We all have something we want with all our heart, It can be go to college, travel someplace, meet your favorite artist, etc. When you feel that you can´t hold on any longer, imagine that dream coming true. Do you want to go to college? Imagine your dorm. Do you want to travel someplace? Imagine what you will do when you get there. Do you want to meet your favorite artist? Imagine how amazing will it be.

# 7 What would your idol say?
If you have a favorite singer, actor, YouTuber, etc; and you know them better than you know yourself, think about them. What is their position about sadness? What is their best advice, phrase or joke? Is there something about them that makes you happy every time? Think about it.

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# 8 Entertain yourself
If you feel like you are about to cry and it´s not the right time, close your eyes and your fist. Think about your favorite TV show and how amazing was last episode. Focus on that. Then open your eyes and look at the closest window you have. Look at the sky. Isn´t it pretty? Do you see a figure on the clouds? What is it? Focus on that. Play with your pencil, draw on a sheet of paper. And breathe. I promise it will go away.

# 9 Let your tears fall
If you´re angry, shout. If you feel frustrated, break something. If you feel lonely or sad, cry. It´s not a crime. Let your thoughts drown you for a couple of minutes. Let everything go out. It´s not a crime and I promise you will feel so much better after. Of course, do it when you feel comfortable with it.

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# 10 Remember it´s just a day

Having a bad day doesn´t mean that you will have a bad life.
If you´re having a bad day, remember it will end and the sun will go out again, giving you a new chance to be happy.

I hope this helped you at least a little.

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